About Us


Nutrition Factors is a world-class, online-full service nutrition and wellness platform. Its friendly interface offers easy-to-use interactive weight loss tools, nutrition education with expert advice to individuals, health coaches and corporations. Its innovative, cutting edge technology and tools promote good health, preventative care, weight loss, targets human food desires with pleasing visuals and simple explanations.  Nutrition Factors partners with various health coaches from different healthcare professions to offer one-on-one health coaching. 


Choose your Program

Whether you are an individual, business or health coach, Nutrition Factors has a program for you. Individuals can get started with a Free Basic account. No credit card or obligation needed.  


Features and Services

The Nutrition Factors system is a complete lifestyle program. It addresses wellness, nutrition and weight control. It offers the results and solutions people need. We help people be healthier and happier by helping the reprogram unhealthy eating habits. 

The Grid Diet: Easy-to-use, simple and balanced meal planner and weight loss guide. Each grid is structured in a grid pattern and is easily adaptable to individual food preferences. Even better, the majority of Grid recipes are compatible with other major diet plans. Got dietary restrictions? No problem.  The grid recipe database is loaded with vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free and other food choices to meet the food demands of individuals with allergies, food preferences, and food intolerances. Developed by a Registered Dietitian exclusively for Nutrition Factors. 

Recipe Database: Gain access to thousands of recipes that easily integrates into a personalized Grid Diet plans. Upload, organize, save and share your own recipes to your own personal recipe grid and send to a menu plan and shopping list.

Weekly Meal Plans: We also offer our clients the option to select pre-planned weekly menus created by their Coaches or by our Dietitians to make their Grid Diet recommendations even easier to follow.

Weight Loss Program and Personalized Coaching: The Grid offers one more unique benefit of upgrading from the free account to an extensive weight loss program which can include guidance from healthcare experts such as Registered Dietitians, Nutritionists and Personal Trainers.  The weight loss program can be purchased separately paired with one-on-one coaching services. One-on-one coaching gives that extra “push” many clients desire as research shows that a person who works with a health coach loses more weight and keeps it off.

Weight Management Products: NF has formulated various flavors of our unique, scientifically blended Protein Powders.

Nutrition Factors Library: Step by Step Diet Manual written by a Registered Dietitians. Our goal is to educate and empower clients with the knowledge they need to be successful at eating right and staying healthy. We provide information in small step increments allowing behavior re-programming and motivation. In addition to our weight loss program, our library includes meal prep, nutritional information, and resource guides.

Gym on the Go: Select exercise programs based on time, muscle group, and intensity created by our team, personal coach or they can create their own exercise routine from over 2000 exercises. Workouts are integrated and tracked with wearables. Individuals and Coaches can keep track and monitor daily eating choices, caloric intake, and physical activity right on the APP.

Connect/Engagement: Consistent and current information in Newsletters, Social Media, and Blogs to keep interest and engagement high.


For Health Coaches and Corporations

Nutrition Factors offers a turn-key, nutrition and wellness platform that can be utilized as a stand-alone system for individuals or a back-office support system for healthcare providers and as a wellness program for businesses. The comprehensive system helps healthcare professionals grow their business and stay connected with their clients. In addition to the support system for healthcare professionals, the program also duplicates as a wellness platform for businesses and their employees. Therefore, providers can interact with their business clients through their personalized online account.


Partner Affiliates

Nutrition Factors’ mission is to partner with like-minded companies to deliver a full-service (complete) wellness and educational program. Wellness is not based on education alone, but requires a multi-prong approach.  Therefore, Nutrition Factors’ main focus will be on increasing educational services and partner relations to enhance user experience.